Kris Coleman will be playing Douglas. Kris is amazingly genuine and brings a lot of passion to his projects, which will be evident when you see him on-screen.

Kyrsten St. Pierre will be playing the title character, Eve. This role required someone who could play two distinct personalities but keep them recognizably similar. This is certainly a complicated role, and Kyrsten has the talent for it.

Ulisses Gonsalves will be playing Frank. This will be a slight departure for him from Shakespeare and his action roles, but his ability to extrapolate a character from the pages of a script will no doubt add new layers to Frank.

Rick Rodgers has been cast as Charles. Rick has a quiet intensity that will suit him well in this role, as Charles is very reserved on the surface, but has more to him underneath.
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Gary Arzberger will be playing Boyd. Boyd is a mysterious figure, who knows more than he lets on, but is hesitant to say it plainly. Gary, with his innumerable skills, is certain to elevate his character's dialogue so that the true message is not lost to the audience.